Welcome to the guinea pig club......Edit

This is a wonderful website for guinea pig owners to talk and set up meetings. Add your own pages full of guinea pigs and you might even want to add your own little pigges to the site. Chat with other owners and share infomation on how to take care of them and other cool stuff. Please remember to help new users and owners.Edit

Guinea pig pizap

Welcome! ~from the club's staff.

:) Also if you are new to the wiki please message orca090 or hydromermaidia909 for any assistanceEdit


Today is Tuesday 2020 January 21.

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What guinea pig club is aboutEdit

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welcome to the wikia. have fun! Leona Dawn. The ocean is waiting…..

The Guinea pig club is about talking to other users about how to care for guinea pigs. Sure you can just chat normally about other things but remember this is a wiki about guinea pigs. Please don't be afriad to show your true colours so come on and make an edit!Edit

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